'Saffa's Sprinters

To raise awareness for The Ian Williams Foundation


David Backshall

We wanted to continue to support the amazing work the Lunch Bowl charity are doing in Kenya and especially with the many hundreds of children some orphans that benefit from taking part in playing rugby and look forward to having a nice hot meal!

Nick Stonley - The Trekking MD

Nick Stonley

It has always been my passion raising money for a worthy charity whilst giving myself a challenge! The Atlas Foundation is definitely one of them, helping children through rugby, giving them the discipline, support and knowledge, they need to better all aspects their lives.

Michael Whitfield - The Pink Rhino Rides Again

Michael Whitfield

I have seen the work of the Atlas Foundation first hand, helping kids through the power of rugby. In 2019 I have a double challenge - a Himalayan mountain challenge and the Atlas cycle challenge

Pettipher Family

Sally Pettipher

Visited Kolkata and saw this work first hand.