Argentina All Schools

The Argentina All Schools programme is working with 6 clubs and 20 schools in the suburbs surrounding Buenos Airies where there are a number of shanty towns, issues of poor education and health, and high crime and unemployment rates.Read more

Cambodia All Schools

The Cambodia All Schools programme works with children in poor schools in Siem Reap. The programme works with both the able bodied and those in wheelchairs and our grant has enabled the programme to purchase 12 wheelchairs for their participants as well as paying for coaches in schools in the poorest areas of the country.Read more

Israel All Schools

Rugby in Israel is not a well know sport, but the focus of this project on peace and reconciliation has made it noteworthy beyond the pitch. Atlas is working with a number of private donors to bring rugby to schools in mixed communities. The values of rugby, with fierce opposition on the pitch, but strong fellowship off the pitch, is an important tool to break down traditional mistrust between different religious and racial groups in the country.Read more

India All Schools

ATLAS, in partnership with Sliders-UK, established an active schools programme across Delhi, with a full time coach based at the Delhi Hurricanes. This project is now mature enough, with demonstrable positive impact on children's lives, that a number of other charities have commissioned coaching from the Hurricanes and expanded the rugby work across the city.Read more

South Africa All Schools

The South Africa All Schools programme is working with 11 schools in three townships in Cape Town and Johannesburg. This is delivered by the South Africa Rugby Legends Association and works with boys and girls of secondary school age.Read more